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Before the next close, large earthquake, do the following:

      • Identify safe places in your school, home or office
      • Have an emergency bag - include bottled water, any medicines that you use on a daily basis (2-5 days worth), snack food, important documents, blankets
      • Have a battery-operated radio and several flashlights with a fresh package of batteries.  
      • Have your first aid kit handy (disinfectant for injuries, cotton, soap, aspirin, elastic bandages, adhesive tape and chlorine tablets 
      • Have a pre-arranged meeting point
      • Discuss with all family members the plan of action to be taken in case an earthquake
      • Have 3 days worth of non-perishable food on hand, a can opener
      • Have a gallon of water per person per day 
      • Have several days of food for your pets

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