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Emergency Contact Numbers for Mexico City

There is no unified system for emergency numbers in Mexico.  Many states use the following.

Police/Policia: 066

Fire/Bomberos: 068

Red Cross Ambulance/Cruz Roja: 065


  • Contact your sponsor/business to learn about their emergency procedures.
  • Get a doctor, and know which hospital you want to utilize in case of emergency.
  • Create and have next to the phone a list of emergency contacts.  If you have help in your house discuss the list with these people.  

For all Emergencies–Go-To help in English and Spanish: 5658-1111

This is LOCATEL,* a switchboard for all emergencies and information.

Their website is very helpful…

Second emergency contact for all cases – SEGOB (govt.) 088

SEGOB has many links, especially for earthquake information, Federal Police and

highway help throughout Mexico…

Ambulance Service (You must check in your own neighborhood) 5277-3000

Red Cross: all, accidents, ambulance, also in English 5277-3000

All emergencies in the city 066

All emergencies for Interlomas only 3605-1439

(..1440 ..1441)

Mexico City Police 060

Federal Highway Police 074

To report accidents 5208-9898

Earthquake alert system 5678-4542

Electric Company 24-hour emergencies 5128-7171

Tourist Security and services across Mexico, also in English 078

Battered Women, and family services 01800-015-1617

Consumer Protection 5568-8722

Hospitals / Hospitales

ABC Hospital Observatorio 5230-8161

ABC Hospital Santa Fe 1103-1600 #1

(#2 ambulance)

Hospital Angeles Interlomas 5246-5096

Hospital Angeles Pedregal 5449-5500 #2091

Hospital EspaƱol 5255-9645 / 5255-9646 (to….9649)

Hospital Medica Sur Lomas (natal care hospital) 5520-9201

* Almost every cell phone in Mexico includes an insurance plan by default. It may include

car help much like AAA in the U.S., but it also provides insurance for emergency health

and household help (fire, plumbing, damage, etc.) We urge you to check on this

insurance by contacting your cell phone provider. Be sure you know how to use all the

services that LOCATEL provides.

If you do not want the insurance, you can cancel that portion of your cellular payment,

be it a monthly contract or pay-as-you-use telephone service.

Some helpful apps for Mexico City:

  • UrbanDF – Alerts about earthquakes, traffic, road blocks, marches, and much more
  • SkyAlert – Multiple device app for earthquake alerts via satellite
  • Ciudad_segura – Currently for BlackBerrys, only, for earthquake alerts
  • Alerta Sismos - Earthquake alerts
  • Waze - Great GPS tool for getting from place to place. It can even give alternate routes with traffic issues.
  • WhatsApp - Many locals use this app to communicate

Suggested Info Card to Carry in Your Wallet:

  • Spouse or other emergency contact person


Telephone number:


Secretary or other contact who is bi-lingual:

  • Insurance Company


Telephone number:

  • LOCATEL: 5658-1111 (This number is important for roadside emergencies, accidents,

or even, to find the location of your car if it has been towed away.)

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