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Descriptions of Board Positions


Official representative

  • Ensure strength and smooth operation of the IWC

  • Ensure compliance with legal/tax laws and bylaws
  • Set IWC and board position goals/vision for the year
  • Lead all board meetings
  • General oversight of all IWC plans, activities, contracts, goals, and communications
  • Coordinate board communications (WhatsApp group/contact sheets)
  • Ensure annual ACTA update and changes to bank account access (Spring, after elections)
  • Oversee financial planning and procedures, working with Treasurer
  • Set office hours; manage office rental agreement and assists/infrastructure of the IWC (office and storage bodega are both within Union Church)
  • Create relationships and raise general profile of the IWC
  • Appoint Bazaar Manager
  • Appoint American Benevolent Society Board representative 
  • Engage key community leaders and partners:
    • Union Church (Barry and Gerri McLeod)
    • ABS (Barbara Franco)


Organization of the IWC

  • Update and/or create critical board documents
  • Update key information for all board members: assets, locations (office/storage), office hour procedures etc.
  • Manage the board business of the IWC
  • Create and archive board minutes
  • Archiving; holds and takes incoming Club calls (on our cell)
  • Maintain calendar of key actions for organization/board: ACTA renewal, board meetings, board elections, tax submissions, etc.
  • Help the board run as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Set up board meetings and assist with agendas
  • Coordinate with Union Church regarding office space, hours, etc.
  • If possible, assist with Spanish translations/conversations (w/proper background and realistic time frame)


Custodian of the funds & creator of the budget

  • Maintain financial procedures
  • Create a detailed, accurate budget with function line items
  • Assess funds for short and long-term needs/cash on hand goals
  • Create a financial procedures manual for board and charitable partners, as well as guidelines for petty cash
  • Manage tax regularization and forward plan
  • Oversee accountant (and third party auditor) and all annual/monthly tax filings
  • Execute reimbursements and payments
  • Make accessing funds easier


    advise and support the president; step in during absences

    • Embody the mission of the IWC
    • Choose key activities to attend (be present and consistent)
    • Read the bylaws and assure the IWC's compliance
    • Support the President in remaining true to the mission
    • Faithfully represent the tone and demeanor of the IWC at events
    • Meet with the President as needed to coordinate Quarterly Socials and General Assemblies
    • Attend monthly board meetings
    • Represent the IWC and the President at key public events
    • Engage key members of the larger community
    • Assist the President with Communications


    Community service connection

    • Assess and clarify charitable relationships
    • Ensure all charity partners understand and follow the IWC's financial guidelines for donations/contributions
    • Create an overall plan for partnerships: identify partners, outline needs, budgets, and timing (no promises, but goals)
    • Distribute funds to charities following finance guidelines
    • Ensure variety, sustainability, and transparency of charitable partnerships
    • Elevate awareness of/participation in charity activities
    • Create various types of volunteer involvement
    • Communicate all opportunities on calendar, social media, and newsletter
    • Look for opportunities to talk about our charitable partners with members and tell stories of our impact
    • Increase member connection and add value to their membership experience
    • Fundraising for charity partners
    • Plan a calendar of key events to raise funds or goods for partners throughout the year
    • Accept and coordinate donations throughout the year
    • Expand our charitable impact
    • Assign liaisons for each of our partnered charities


    Coordinate all events, activities, and clubs

    • Assess member needs/wants for activities, events and experiences, ensuring diversity to meet needs of range of members
    • Create a variety of activities to engage current members and attract new members to the  organization
    • Respond and address members requests for special events
    • Plan and execute ongoing monthly events
    • Ensure quality and adequacy of events
    • Coordinate with Communications regarding promotion of all events
    • Manage the events calendar
    • Communicate with Charities, Operations, Sponsorship, and clubs to ensure adequate activities flow on calendar


      Maintain social media and advertising

      • Drive communications to members/broader community
      • Leverage social media to communicate all events
      • Cross post on other pages for wider public circulation
      • Work with Membership to coordinate outreach and communications targets
      • Manage the monthly newsletter
      • Increase awareness and knowledge of organization and our activities
      • Maintain the website
      • Manage a small committee to update our Mexico City Life pages on the website
      • Work with sponsorship to create advertisements and promote our sponsors on social media
      • Coordinate with events to create promotional material for our events


      Grow and maintain member base

      • Recruit new members through active searching of new avenues to introduce the club and creating points of contact
      • Participate in welcome coffees, lunches, and walks for our new members
      • Assist and be open to any questions new members may have in settling in
      • Maintain and update IWC member database
      • Manage the membership function on the website
      • Encourage a higher percentage of long term members
      • Approve and welcome new members on social media
      • Remove members that have lapsed on social media
      • Check gmail and allocate members dues
      • Ensure a positive initial experience with the IWC and a continuing a rewarding experience with the IWC
      • Prepare and organize name badges for General Meetings


      Community connection to local businesses

      • Create the IWC sponsorship package yearly
      • Find ways to give more value to our sponsors
      • Recruits companies to join our club
      • Increase the numbers of sponsors
      • Maintain a current list of sponsors for coordination with Events, Communications, and Operations
      • Function as the sponsors' main point of contact for the IWC


      Plan and execute events for all members

      • Plan and execute quarterly socials

      • Select dates of quarterly socials for the year (usually 4 total: 2 in the Fall, 2 in the Spring)
      • Update format/agenda for meetings to add more value to member interactions, increase engagement, and involve sponsors
      • Choose locations, highlight charitable and event activities, introduce new vendors/themes
      • Ensure general meeting themes/activities complement the Events calendar (and when applicable, the Bazaar)
      • Consider a joint survey to clarify what members want out of meetings, events, and membership perks
      • Identify new vendors for holiday retail and Bazaar opportunities/outreach
      • Build and Maintain an Operations committee

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