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Charity 5K

The second weekend of every month (Friday through Monday), the IWC sponsors a Charity 5K. Members and nonmembers can walk, run, skate, or bike wherever they are all over the world.

Participants donate $250 MXN to the IWC Charity purse through PayPal, cash deposit, or bank transfer. The donated funds are used to pay for needed items. The IWC rotates through their four partnered charities, so each is the beneficiary three times a year. We have been able to pay utility bills, purchase groceries, buy hygiene necessities, and more.

Participants are asked to share pictures of themselves or their scenic views on their routes in our Facebook Members' Community. Those who are more competitive are welcome to share their times as well!

Join us next month! Register on the calendar if you're a member. If you're a nonmember, sign up by emailing Charities at

Garage Sale

Throughout the year, the IWC collects donations from members and nonmembers. We accept anything that isn’t illegal to resell.

Members volunteer their home storage and bodega space to store these garage sale donations year round.

Twice a year (generally in October and May), the IWC holds a garage sale at Union Church to sell all donated items. Representatives from the partnered charities are expected to attend and assist in the garage sale.

The garage sale uses only cash transactions. The money is split evenly between the partnered charities.

Judy's Angels & Sponsors

Angels purchase grocery items and cook food for Hogar Las Nieves and Albergue Infantil Inés María Gasca. Angels are welcome for one-time assistance or to offer a recurring assistance.

Sponsors donate money or the actual items for the Angels to use. Sponsors can do one-time donations or can schedule recurring assistance.

Deliverers are also needed to drive and deliver the meals, groceries, and despensa items to Hogar Las Nieves and Albergue Infantil Inés María Gasca.

Holiday Drives


The girls’ holiday drive is an effort in December to match the girls at Hogar Las Nieves and Albergue Infantil Inés María Gasca with gifts that they would cherish. The IWC requests the shelters to provide the ages, names, and gift wishes of the girls. IWC volunteers then purchase, wrap, and deliver the gifts at Christmas parties at the two locations.


The seniors’  holiday drive is an effort in December to provide food and individualized gifts for the San Fernando seniors. Ora collects individual gift requests from the seniors, and IWC volunteers do their best to match those requests.

Volunteers also donate money to purchase despensas (similar to a food hamper/basket with other necessities) to be distributed by Fundación Ora to the San Fernando seniors.

Quarterly Socials

Partnered charities have the opportunity to represent themselves at IWC quarterly socials. The Charities may set up a display, hand out promotional material, and inform IWC members regarding their purpose and the IWC role in supporting them.

IWC members may choose to give donations of requested items or cash to these charities during the general meetings or may be moved to volunteer in person or virtually as possible.

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