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Sponsors of the IWC

Thank you to our members for supporting our IWC sponsors with your patronage.

Thank you to our sponsors for partnering with the IWC.

(The use of third-party products, services, and treatments promoted by the IWC are at the user’s own discretion and risk.)

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Mosaico Mentors

Mosaico Mentors provides one-on-one mentorship for the college application process. Their holisitic, personalized and professional program is based on mentorships with students that build relationships based on trust and accountability. With a team of passionate educators, they will help guide students through the college application process by developing personalized tools to tackle the challenges of each student's personalized program.

Wingate School

The Wingate School is a British International School in Mexico City that offers an educational program delivered in English focused on academic excellence, creativity, and human formation. The school aims to form a community of critical thinkers who have a multicultural perspective and social commitment. We are accredited as a Cambridge International School.

+52 55 8288 0982


Dr. Marc I. Ehrlich, clinical psychotherapist and author

Dr. Marc I. Ehrlich, originally from New York City and living in Mexico since 1980, is a clinical psychotherapist for couples and individuals, as well as an organizational consultant.

One of his specialties is working with international executives and their families to ensure a healthy and successful transition to life and work in Mexico. 

Dr. Ehrlich has also worked as a Senior Trainer for the Center for Creative Leadership and as a consultant to a national program for the prevention of substance abuse in the family.

In addition to his work as a clinical and organizational psychologist, Dr. Ehrlich is author of seven books, Husbands, Wives, and Their Children; Harmony; The Psychology of Teamwork; The Handicapped Child; The Awakening of the Mexican Spirit; and The Calm and Steady Path. He has just published the 4th edition of his widely-read book for the expat family, Thriving in Mexico: Transcending the Challenges of Working and Living in Mexico.

Dr. Erlich has consulted with many Mexican and multinational companies within North and South America, some of which include American Express, Anheuser-Busch, CitiBanamex, General Electric, Exxon-Mobil, Southwestern Bell, and Telmex.

+52 55 9199 6530

Hola Therapy

Hi, I’m Jenna Mayhew. I’m an Australian-trained and registered psychologist with over 10 years of experience. I’m a Senior Psychologist, and I have extensive training in mental health and behavioral assessment.

My approach balances deeply exploring topics and actively working together towards set goals. I use a blend of frameworks including CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) according to what suits your personality and goals. My therapeutic style is generally short-term and focused; however, this is negotiated to best suit your needs.

My Services

    • Assessment and therapy for young people, including those with a disability or special need
    • Behaviour support and parenting strategies
    • Individual therapy for a wide range of concerns
    • Couple’s therapy
    • Debriefing and trauma counseling in relation to pregnancy and childbirth
    • Domestic violence support

Sessions are offered both face to face and online. Flexible hours are available including Saturdays.

I warmly welcome enquiries. I also encourage you to contact more than one therapist. Therapy is most effective when there is the right “fit” between you and your therapist. This should include feeling comfortable and free from judgement and having your needs met by your therapist’s expertise. If I’m not the right fit for you, I will assist in sourcing you an outstanding referral.

Visit Website 

Hola Therapy, formerly known as Jenna Mayhew Psychology

Del Valle Dental

At Del Valle Dental, our friendly team is dedicated to providing patients with the latest treatments, innovative dental technologies, and unrivaled customer service to deliver the best possible dentist experience.

Depending on your needs, our team of specialists is ready to offer complex, effective treatments. From dental cleaning to implants—and everything in between—we have the solution to your dental condition at our several convenient locations.

WhatsApp and mobile: +52 55 2745 8769


Donald Clean

At Donald Clean, we have provided professional cleaning services for homes and businesses in Mexico City and the metropolitan area since 1950. We have accomplished this longevity through offering the best technological and human resources available in the cleaning industry.

We specialize in cleaning oriental rugs, and we also offer the following services:

  • windows and curtains
  • floor rugs and carpets
  • furniture
  • car upholstery
  • contractual office maintenance

Call Jorge Consejo for a free estimate.

+52 55 5598 8327

+52 55 5598 8376

Animal Hospital de Bosques de Las Lomas

We are a small species and exotic animal speciality hospital where your furry companions are our main concern. We offer the following services.
  • Internal medicine
  • Endoscopy 
  • Orthopedics
  • Neurology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Imaging (X-raysCT scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram)
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • ER services
  • Grooming
  • Day care
  • Pet Portraits / Animal Companion Photography
  • E-comerce pet food (dogs and cats) (Proplan, Hill's prescription diet, Royal Canin, Nupec)

Patricia Pulido Photography

Patricia Pulido is a professional photographer, specializing in storytelling sessions and photo organization for families and small businesses. 

Family photography can be more than a "everyone smile at the camera" session. Rather than taking pictures in a studio, I believe in capturing everyday moments in meaningful places that families are used to interacting with each other.

The focus of storytelling sessions is to document your family in an honest and relaxed way: recording the meaningful moments and the love between family members, as well as capturing their personalities, their voices, the sounds, and the possible chaos in their own environment.

As an expat myself, I'm passionate about documenting a family's connection and personality to celebrate and remember who we were as a family during our time in Mexico and how those favorite places and our temporary home looked and felt.

Everyone has a story to tell that deserves to be told and treasured for a lifetime.


  • Family storytelling sessions
  • Family videos
  • Birth stories
  • Baby's first year
  • Family events (baptisms, birthdays, family gatherings)
  • Travel sessions (exploring the city with visitors)
  • Branding sessions
  • Digital photo organizing sessions
  • Yearly photo book designs
  • Beginner photography classes and photo organizing classes

Kelly Martinez

After 7 international moves, Kelly Martinez, from the Keyes Company, knows how stressful finding a new home can be! As a Realtor who lives and works locally in Miami, Florida, she is also affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, which gives her access to real estate experts in more than 550 national and 70 international markets.

From Los Angeles to London and beyond, she can assist you or anyone you know to buy or sell real estate- in virtually any location.


Nah Alom

Nah Alom (House of Creation, in Maya), is an online store which promotes Mexican arts and crafts. It offers different kind of high-end products such as, hand painted cookware, crochet bags, loom bags and accessories, etc. It mainly cooperates with communities from Chiapas and Oaxaca which have developed exclusive designs. Nah Alom also ships internationally.

With your purchase, you also contribute to UNICEF children's projects.

WhatsApp: +52 55 4088 0157


Boxx is a custom-design and manufacturer of laser-cut tea boxes, trays, picture frames and more. Owner, Teddy Weingarten, is a Mexican designer who creates decorative and functional objects for the home and workplace. Using mostly wood and acrylic, his products have found a home in hundreds of upscale residences and offices in Mexico. They also have a new line of photo-lamps, called Photolight, designed to capture the special moments and people in your life. Boxx's unique gifts are wonderful personal and corporate gifts when you are looking for something that can't be found in a store. They can also work with you personally on your special project.

WhatsApp: +52 55 1951 2986

Productores de Oaxaca

Productores de Oaxaca is a small group of aritsans founded 10 years ago by Maribel Figueroa Mendez to help artisans protect the work they are doing, and allow them a fair wage so they can continue to practice their craft. When you buy from Productores de Oaxaca you know you are supporting small artisans who are getting a fair wage for creating unique and local crafts. They sell their work at bazaars and on Instagram.Everything is made by hand, embroidered goods, hand-painted alebrijes, jewelry and more.

E . F L O

E . F L O is a contemporary urban artist based out of Mexico City with a loose, scratchy, colorful, and fun style. The subject colors are rarely those of what is seen but rather an interpretation of his vision.

Influenced only by what he is passionate about, he puts his heart and soul into every piece.

The work of E . F L O has been displayed in galleries and exhibits in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.

Hilos en Nogada

The mission of Hilos en Nogada is to promote Mexican popular art, help master artisans commercialize their unique pieces, and innovate concepts while still respecting the cultural identity of every region and community in Mexico.

At Hilos en Nogada, we have a social responsibility to our artisanal communities. That is why we put great importance in the development of the families of the different communities. We take different actions for the benefit of these families, such as the donation of clothes, toys, books, and pantry items; the construction of health clinics; etc.

Our goal is to enable artisans to continue creating amazing art and to gain worldwide recognition for this artwork.

Come visit us at our showroom (Emerson 243, floor 7, in Polanco) or online at


After moving to Mexico City in 2014, Art and Judy enjoyed visiting Pueblos Mágicos throughout the country, and they were impressed by the beautiful handicrafts they discovered. Through Paskwarho, they seek out skilled artisans producing eye-catching pieces that offer a blend of great design and deep tradition. In this way, they can offer their clients unique, high quality pieces for their homes.

The pieces they carry are not found in the souvenir markets around Mexico City.  They pay their regular partners fair prices and when scouting the annual markets for new partners, Art & Judy pass by hundreds of pieces for every piece they take home. Once they have found a partner who is clearly talented and has a style their clients appreciate, they often talk with them about creating new styles. Art & Judy feel their home is richer for having these pieces in it and hope you will cherish your items, too.

Makihara Glass Studio

Makihara Glass Studio is run by Yukiko Makihara, a Japanese-Mexican industrial designer who has more than 10 years of experience in glass working. She offers glass workshops to share her love for and her knowledge of this material.

Makihara Glass Studio specializes in fused glass and torch working glass objects. She offers durable, yet delicate, beautiful and original products that can be used in daily life.

Sagradas Tradiciones

Maria Ines Cabrera
+ 52 55 6187 7531

Sagradas Tradiciones offers handcrafted accessories, decoration, home decor, and unique pieces of clothing. Everything is produced using traditional methods by our craftsmen and women from different regions in Mexico, like: Oaxaca, Chiapas, Jalisco, Michaocán, Guerrero, y Guanajuato. We work directly with the people that handcraft our products, by doing so we pursue social responsibility, fair trade work, and we contribute to sustainability.  We are here to improve the quality of life of Mexican families. Our products are 100% handmade, and give back to the Mexican community by providing them with a job.

Time Capsule

Time Capsule, present in three countries with two unique brands, was founded in 2022 by Steffi Neff. Choose from Time Capsule - Jewellery, unique jewellery made from real flowers, either your own custom flowers or a ready-to-buy option. A daily reminder of the beauty of the world we live in.

Time Capsule - Wedding, preserves your wedding flowers, eg bridal bouquets or any other flowers you want to preserve, for eternity in furniture, wall art or jewellery. Use your own, or choose your individual flowers/colour/design. Flowers that never wilt - memories that last.

Tiqué Jewelry
+52 55 4466 3467

Tiqué Jewelry was founded in 2015 in Mexico City as a project between two great Venezuelan friends, Juliette and Martha, both passionate about women's jewelry and accessories. Juliette is a jewelry designer, a creative dreamer. Martha is more focused on business and finance. 

We are a timeless 100% handmade jewelry brand, with limited edition designs and iconic pieces that break with the conventional style.

Also, we are a representative of the Ibiza Passion brand in Mexico, thus allowing us to be a reference framework for Latin American designers in this country.

Welcome to our world and we hope you enjoy each of our pieces as we love designing and producing them for you!

To & From

The love language at To&From is gifting. With To&From you can always find the perfect gift for the most important people in your life. Sometime when you live abroad it can be so hard to send meaningful gifts to loved ones, and that's where To&From steps in. You choose from their great gift ideas and they will send the gifts on your behalf, it's like having your very own personal shopper. From anniversary, to birthdays or corporate gifts, they have you covered. Their gifting app is free to use and their online account means you will never forget a special day. You can even send a Piñatagram, a miniature piñata filled with candy!


Understand Mexico

Understand Mexico was created by Lynda Martinez del Campo (a lifetime member of the IWC) to share her love of Mexico with others. She is a native English speaker and a federally licensed tour guide who enjoys sharing her knowledge of everything Mexican: anthropology, history, art, architecture, and culture. For a walk through a museum, a visit to an iconic monument, a seemingly incomprehensible archaeological zone, or a bustling market, Lynda is your go-to guide.  She offers unique group tours as well as private tours in and around Mexico City. 

+52 55 2653 8622

Azteca Travel Tours Art / Aztec Explorers

Our objective is to help foreigners and Mexicans to discover more of Mexico City and the country of Mexico in a social and fun way.

We offer excursions departing from Mexico City to various locations, highlighting culture, history, geography, and food of Mexico. 

Our tours are available in English and in Spanish.

Vite Presenta

Mauricio Vite is an experiences and workshops organizer in Mexico City. His company, Vite Presenta, specializes in the nightlife scene and mixology events. He is also a travel and entertainment blogger sharing insights about Mexico City and his trip experiences from other major cities in the USA.


Serve in the City

Serve in the City, is a vibrant pickleball community in Mexico City. At Serve in the City, they’ve got you covered with high-quality balls, and top-notch paddles. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, their equipment is tailored to suit players of all skill levels. Step onto their official-sized court,  and you'll find the perfect setting to showcase your skills. Engage in thrilling matches with fellow pickleball enthusiasts, surrounded by the supportive and passionate community that defines Serve in the City. Whether a casual game or a competitive match, their community fosters an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. Join Serve in the City, where every serve, volley, and point is an opportunity to experience the joy of pickleball in CDMX.

Instagram: serve_in_thecity

Light On Yoga

Light On Yoga is dedicated to spreading the light and love of yoga to the English-speaking community in Mexico City. All of their classes are joyfully and intelligently designed to provide the tools we need for a strong yoga foundation and the inspiration to advance our practice, no matter our experience level.

Their approach to yoga is simple, without pretension or ego and, most importantly, accessible to all.

Come for the movement and mindfulness—Stay for the connections.


Phone/WhatsApp: +52 56 2812 0008

Bosques Wellness

Betzabe Rivemar from Bosques Wellness has always believed in the beauty of all bodies and all skins. Therefore, at Bosques Wellness Co. they celebrate every individual's unique beauty and offer a wide range of treatments designed for different needs, ages, genders and skin types. They want to complement your lifestyle. Meet their professionals and aestheticians, and explore the relaxing and nutricional treatments they have to offer.

Lavin - Hair Professional

As an independent hair styling professional, Lavin brings over two decades of comprehensive experience drawn from both national and international platforms. His formal education was in London, at the renowned TONI&GUY academy, a globally recognized maestro in the hair-fashion industry. Throughout an 11-year tenure in Sweden and Norway, he honed his skills specifically in blonde colouring techniques, adeptly accommodating all hair design requests. After winning international acclaim in Europe, he is now in CDMX, eager to serve both local and foreign communities, ensuring you feel like your best self through a unique style.

Prana, Av. Magdalena 53, Col del Valle Centro.

WApp: +(52) 56 1335 4477

Instagram: @hairdresser.colorist_laviin

Salon by Michael Johnson New York

After 30 years working in fashion and beauty, Michael envisioned opening a salon and building his brand. Michael has chosen Mexico City for his first salon location. Having spent much time here, Michael fell in love with the city’s culture and passion for the arts, fashion, and beauty. Michael spent one week a month in Mexico City for a few years. He now lives there full time and his salon is in Polanco.

“My cuts are designed to look good seven days a week. Whether it’s salon styled or styled at home I want my clients to look fabulous!"

Horacio 907, Polanco

55-2875-1895 or 55-2875-1896

An American Hairdresser

My name is Ronit and I'm known as An American Hairdresser in Mexico. I've been living here in Mexico City for the past 18 years after moving here from Maryland with my family.

I am a hairdresser and have a private studio salon out of my home. I've dedicated my life to my family and doing hair. And I love it! Hair is my passion. I specialize in blondes in particular but also in color, color correction, and cuts.

I work by appointment—only one person at a time. I use the highest quality products for hair, including Goldwell, Olaplex, Joico, and Schwartzkof.


Cynthia Vainstein

Cynthia was born in Lima, Peru, one of the world's culinary meccas, and grew up in a home with exacting culinary standards. Her mother, who had a cooking school and a baking business, is her inspiration. She has completed professional training and cooking and baking courses all over the world, including at Le Cordon Bleu and Ferrandi in Paris.

Join to Cynthia Vainstein in her  kitchen La Condesa, for personal cooking and baking classes. Each recipe uses the highest quality ingredients. After cooking, you get to enjoy the delicious meal you prepared.

Cynthia's classes emphasize the importance of fundamental skills and techniques, ensuring that each participant learns the art of preparing meals completely from scratch. From chopping and sautéing to seasoning and baking, you'll be immersed in the entire culinary process.

Take a class to learn Peruvian ceviches and tartares, enjoy Mexican street food and artisan breads. She also offers classes in Thai food, ancient Lebanese cuisine, Taiwanese specialties, Italian pizzas and pasta, as well as traditional French pastries.

You will leave the class with the recipe and all the technical knowledge to recreate it in your own home.

Adrianna Jund

Adrianna Jund is a chef with Michelin Starred restaurants experience and training from Ferrandi Paris, the world’s 3rd best Culinary Arts school in the world. She offers delicious baked goods. You can contact her if you need an authentic basket full of goodies for your friends and family or clients. She will help you out with catering for your dinner parties, seasonal or birthday baking needs, sourdough bread and more. For an exclusive experience ask her for a private dinner service.

WhatsApp: +52 55 4912 9604

Corazon Contento

Corazon Contento offers healthy snacks for your home; dried carrots, banana, plantain, apples and more. They also have mixed snacks of nuts and cookies for home use or gift boxes. They will even come and do a healthy snack bar at your parties or corporate events. Healthy AND yummy!

Instagram: corazoncontento.snacks

Rakhi's Kitchen

Rakhi’s Kitchen, owned by IWC member Rakhi, is a small business in Mexico City offering traditional Indian homemade cuisine, catering, attire, and jewellery. Her speciality is the 3-hour authentic desi cooking class where students explore the intricacies of South Asian food. Her business strives to showcase the beauty of Indian culture in Latin America and she would love for you to join her. Contact Rakhi for more information on home deliveries, classes, and garments.

Phone/WhatsApp: +52 222 551 8416

Aura Cocina Mexicana

Aura Cocina Mexicana is a unique place in Mexico City that offers personalized cooking classes, workshops, and gastronomic experiences, focusing on Mexican traditional dishes and beverage pairings, with a highlight of Mexican history, art, legends, and crafts and a warmly endeavor to "cook with your heart."

Aura has been honored to receive The Award of Excellence in Service by Travel and Hospitality Awards. Also our cooking classes have been positively reviewed by Los Angeles Times Sunday Travel, Travel Babbo, and other travel blogs.

Most of our customers are international travelers and new residents from abroad that through our cooking experiences and market tours are able to get a better understanding of Mexico's history, culture, and gastronomy.

It will be a pleasure to create a unique experience for you. 

Visits by appointment only: Medellín 191A, Colonia Roma Norte, 06700.

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